Tuesday June 30 2020

News Source: Global Disclosures

Focus: Short Selling

Type: General

Country: Sweden

On 30th June 2020, the Finansinspektionen (FI) announced that it will introduce a new reporting system for the reporting of net short positions: the Short Selling Online Reporting tool in the autumn of 2020.

Replaces email- and paper-based reporting

Holders of net short positions and rapporteurs for these position holders will be able to use the Short Selling Online Reporting tool to report information on the positions to FI. The information will be stored in a database, and the information that must be published by regulatory mandate will be made available on a new website at fi.se. It will also be possible to see in the system positions that were reported earlier and recall incorrectly reported positions.

Start preparations early

Due to the transition to the Short Selling Online Reporting tool, it will no longer be possible to report net short positions via email. The Short Selling Online Reporting tool will be available at some point during the autumn. FI will provide more information as the transition to the new system approaches.

Until then, FI recommends users prepare by creating user accounts in the Reporting Portal and delegating authorisation to persons who will report on behalf of the position holders. It is important that users prepare for the transition in advance so you will later be able to report net short positions on time.

What to do

In order to be able to report positions via the Short Selling Online Reporting tool, each rapporteur must first register as a user in the Reporting Portal.

The next step is to register the position holder in the Reporting Portal. Swedish companies are registered by entering their company identification number, and foreign companies are registered by submitting a digital form. In both cases, the LEI code is mandatory. The LEI code is provided during the registration process for a foreign firm but, for Swedish companies, it needs to be provided by an authorised signatory after the registration is completed.

The information is then retrieved from the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Once this is done, the authorised signatory is automatically assigned the role “authorised signatory” in the system and can delegate authorisation to the rapporteurs. More information can be found in the instruction manual under “Short Selling” at About the Reporting Portal.

Questions and additional information

Updated information about when the new Short Selling Online Reporting tool will open and when the email- and paper-based reporting will close will be available at Short Selling.

Contact the Reporting Division with any questions about FI’s log-in and authorisation portal for reporting at +46 (0)8 408 980 37 (weekdays 9–11) or by email at rapportering@fi.se.